Welcome To The Saturna Heritage Centre

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The Saturna Heritage Centre is a volunteer-run interpretation centre focused on the history and other heritage stories of Saturna Island and its Environs. The Centre operates from the re-habilitated Fog Alarm Building (FAB) at the East Point Light Station, now within the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.

The Centre builds on several important initiatives to insure the project grows as a useful and popular asset for the 350 Saturna Island inhabitants, visitors, and other supporters.

Heritage Displays

During the summer tourist season, the spectacularly situated building is open to the public with heritage displays and volunteer attendants. Themes focus on events connected to Saturna Island. The facilities can also be used for meetings and functions on arrangement. The facilities adapt into a useful editing studio and member workspace during the winter season.

Saturna Digital Archives

The Centre is collecting, digitizing and properly filing historical images related to our community heritage. This accessible data-base provides a broad range of searchable historical information to the community at FAB and also a selected range for the public via the Centre's web site. These archives are a very useful database for our own story-telling.

Documentary Production

The Centre enhances the visitor experience by through the use of audio visual presentations. Numerous video history "vignettes" have been produced with the help of skilled filmmakers. Some of these are already available on our web site and all can be easily selected and viewed inside the Heritage Centre. The operational goal is to develop the necessary skills within the Centre membership to self-produce many more video heritage stories as an integral part of our community activities.

Creative Internet Presence

The Centre is working to improve this site by adding more information and interactivity for both members and the public. The gaming engine technology has potential to present heritage information in novel and compelling forms. We intend to continue building on this technology by ensuring a development of necessary skills within our team to grow and develop these fascinating story-telling opportunities.